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Plant in book?

Books are to me one of the more precious art objects around. And they are originally trees that are natures masterpieces. What if we could merge the two? What a wonderfull idea no?

YES, that is just what two italians has thought of in their Gartenkultur project.

They take a book, they make a hole and they insulate thus protect the book from humidity with a mixture of vegetal glue that is a water based glossy varnish for wood, completely ecological. Then they fill the hole with soil and plant a tree that is ready to grow and live and prosper in this inovative book vase. This new ecological form of the book  is recycable, has been reycled and is a living breathing beautifull decoration interior object for your home. Its really really pretty to look at – especially for one like me that loves plants and books. Currently they are only available stores in northern Italy but soon they will also have an on-line shop.

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3 Responses

  1. Cecilia says:

    Wow how cool is this!

  2. otto says:

    Hay libros tan malos que sólo pueden servir de maceta. Y hay libros tan bonitos que seguro que hacen crecer las mejores flores. Esta mañana estoy romántico, Helena, sorry :)

  3. helenaekberg says:

    Oh that is ok :) …demasiado poco romanticos en este mundo!

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